The UNOG Staff Coordinating Council is the union for all staff at UNOG (which includes UNCTAD, OCHA, ECE, OHCHR, UNRISD and other Secretariat staff in Geneva). The Council has several missions:

  • It represents UNOG staff to management in New York and Geneva as well as to management in individual offices and departments on a range of issues.
  • It works to promote the welfare and rights of staff.
  • It keeps staff informed of developments affecting them.
  • It ensures staff interests are reflected in policies and conditions of service, by participating in the Staff-Management Coordination Committee and, through the CCISUA federation of staff unions, in the International Civil Service Commission.
  • It provides advice, mediation and legal assistance to staff who have been the victims of unjust decisions, bad management, retaliation, discrimination, harassment and prohibited conduct.
  • It participates in the review bodies to ensure selection decisions are made correctly as well as the ePas rebuttal, special post adjustment and related committees.
  • It ensures staff interests are represented in the mutual health insurance, the MEC savings and loans mutual, and catering services.
  • It contributes to the staff benevolent fund.
  • It oversees and supports all staff bodies such as the clubs and societies, SAFI and the UN Special magazine.

The Council has 25 seats, which are filled by election. The Council in turn elects an Executive Bureau. Information on the Council's activities are contained on this site.

N.B. The Coordinating Council is not mandated to assist Geneva-based staff of the funds and programmes (UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR) nor staff of the specialized agencies. These staff are requested to contact their respective unions.

To contact the Council

Prisca Chaoui, Executive Secretary, Ext. 73097

Ian Richards, President, Ext. 75410

Froylan Silveira, Assistant, Ext. 73614